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Going on tour is great. It’s an experience you can never truly forget or replicate with any other activity. The constant driving, never eating on time, staying in different places every night, and the very hard work all combine to turn a musical tour into an unforgettable time of any band’s life.

But one thing that we can tell you for a fact is that you should never forget about all your fans and followers back home. Here are some things you can do to make sure you stay in touch with all your fans while on tour:

  • Share Some Photos

One of the best ways to share your experiences with your fans is to share photos with them regularly. Take photos of various activities you do as a band, Show them your van, the venues you are performing at, and the actual concerts or jams. We do understand that taking photos every day becomes difficult, not only because of the time needed but also because of unfavorable weather.

To deal with the latter, you can use AuroraHDR to make sure that you can take HDR photos in any weather condition without worrying too much about having the details of your photos washed out. HDR photography is also a great way to take some great photos in dark by combining different exposures to ensure you get a well-lit image.

  • Be Active on Social Media

This should go without saying in this day and age, but you should use various social media platforms to their fullest for updating your fans with your adventures. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to share updates with your fans through text updates, photos, or videos.

  • Make Videos of Your Performances

It’s important to have your concerts or gigs properly covered by a videographer so that you can show your fans what you are up to. It’s also a great way to promote yourself as a band because you can show these videos and the response of the crowds to potential sponsors or record labels. Documenting any art form is crucial for further development, and music is no different.


So the next time you plan to go on a tour, make sure you take along the necessary things for staying in touch with your online fans. Computers, cameras, and preferably a professional photographer/videographer should accompany you on your tour so that nothing from your musical adventure goes amiss.


There’s nothing quite like going on a music tour across the country in a van with your band and nothing else. Going out and performing to a different audience every time is a far more different experience that playing the same gig every night to a crowd that knows and likes you. If you are thinking of taking the leap of faith and going on a tour, here are some of the things you should remember:

  • Not Everyone Will Like You

As harsh as this sounds, we learned the hard way that people who have never seen or heard of you don’t really care about you when you go and perform for them. This, as mentioned before, is possibly the toughest part about going on tour. So before going on the road, it’s always better to have your expectations in check.

  • You Will Have to Sell Merchandise

Remember that most of what you earn through gigs will be spent on food, fuel, and van maintenance. So you will have to make earn money through selling merchandise like t-shirts and signed instruments.

  • The Fatigue Will Get To You

You probably already know this but going on tour is going to be tough on your body and mind. You probably won’t be getting enough sleep, and even if you do it won’t be comfortable. Riding in a van with all your gear is going to be frustrating, and the changing time zones will get to you. If you want to work from the road while touring, you’ll have the additional stress of having to check your emails on time.

  • But You Will Love it

However, despite all the reality checks mentioned in this blog, mark our words that you will love this time more than anything in your life. You will meet new people on a daily basis, your bond amongst your band will strengthen, you will learn new things about yourself and about others, and you will be playing music for weeks on end. So despite all the hardship and the work, if you are thinking of going on tour right now, go ahead and just do it!