Before you publish your first album, you need to think about the cover art for it. This is a very important part of any album, as it not only becomes a recognizable factor for that particular album but also gets your band’s name out there more effectively.

Here are a few tips from us that you can make use of before getting your album’s artwork designed:

  • Find someone who asks you questions. A good designer understands that in order to create a band’s album art, something that is going to be iconic, they need to understand who you actually are as a band.
  • You don’t have to go overboard. A minimalist album cover is just as good as a very comprehensive one. Don’t think that your album needs something that is going to hit your listeners in the face.
  • Take a risk by thinking about how you can enhance people’s experience of handling your album. Does it have to be just a two-dimensional image printed on a sleeve or can it be more than that? You can do something unique with your album cover to make it stand out more.
  • Let the designer take the lead. We understand that your album art is going to be something very personal for you, but you need to hand over the reins to the one designing the art. It is the artist’s job to think about what you want and come up with a creative solution.


Follow these quick tips when you have to get the artwork designed for your album, and chances are that you’ll end up with something that becomes an iconic part of your band’s identity.