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How to Take Band Photos

Taking professional looking photos of your band is not only great for marketing and publicity but also can be used as very personal art for your album covers or social media accounts. Showing your photos means that people will connect with you more and recognize you. So if you want to take some photos with your crew, here are some of our top tips:

  • Use the Right Lens

Using the right lens is crucial for taking any kind of photo. You can’t use a macro lens to take a photo of your whole band. Instead, go for either a wide angle lens or a portrait lens, depending on the kind of image you’re looking to get. A wide-angle lens will let you include your whole group in the photo while a portrait lens will be great for individual shots or smaller bands.

Another very important thing to note is that your lens should have a wide aperture. This will not only let you use faster shutter speeds, hence ensuring your photos are sharp, but will also allow you to create some nice bokeh in your shots.

  • Use a Neutral Background

Stand in front of a neutral background so that you become the focal point of your photo instead of the table sitting behind you somewhere. Got to a photo studio to get your photo taken so you can use their plain backdrops. Otherwise, just stand in front of a nice white wall.

  • Go Outside

If you don’t want to use a neutral backdrop indoors, maybe you can go outdoors. Try to find a nice open area with some nature in the background. Blurring this out with a wide aperture can let you take really nice photos.

You can also give a shot to HDR photography. Take multiple images of yourselves at different exposures and merge them with Aurora HDR ( This will allow you to control the harsh sunlight that you may be faced with.


Your band photo is something that needs to be given importance too. This is what people think of when they talk about you, this is how they recognize you and connect with you. So go out and get some photos taken of your crew professionally so you can use them to reach out to your fans.